Can You Wear A Pocket Square Without A Tie?

You can, without a doubt, wear a pocket square without a tie.

In fact, doing so will boost the impact of your outfit tenfold and help you show off your unique style in a more casual setting – something you wouldn’t be used to doing if you had a tie on.


Here’s the thing about ties. They’re really polarizing.

Some men love wearing ties. They consider ties to be part of the business uniform. It makes them feel interesting, even elite and successful.

Bow ties, while commonly accepted as the dress code for tuxedo wear, can also be worn every day now. Men interested in stepping out of the norm may use bowties as a way to spice up their daily uniform.


But other men are not so keen on ties and what they represent.

They say ties are uncomfortable and serve no useful purpose. It’s not as if they’re used as the original ties – called cravats – which doubled as napkins for the aristocracy.

Imagine tucking the dirty part of your tie into your shirt after using it to wipe your face!

Ties are often referred to by these haters as a noose around the neck.


But one thing men tend to agree on is the positive impact of the pocket square on every suit, blazer and sport coat.


Without a tie to compete, your pocket square becomes a fantastic focal point of your outfit. It also makes your whole look classy but helps it remain casual if that’s what you’re going for.

When you add a pocket square, you’re showing that you spent a bit of time (but not too much) choosing your look and making it reflect your personal style.


As some workplaces trend more casual, consider a pocket square in your sport jacket's breast pocket to show your co-workers how unique your style truly is.

It’s also a way to break up the monotony of those khaki pants and a polo.

Send us your pics of your best looks with a pocket square, sans tie for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!

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