Our Story

Welcome to Finley & Company!  My name is Tyler Bargas.

 It all started in November of 2015. I was purchasing a new suit for a special occasion.  I picked out a beautiful Hickey Freeman suit from a reputable men's store. 

I was in the spending mood, obviously, and was looking for something to jazz it up.  So I asked to match it up with a tie and pocket square.  The pocket squares that were shown to me were so disappointing and problematic on 3 levels.

  • The 4 P's... They were all Plain, Plaid, Paisley, or Polk-A-Dot
  • They were clearly mass produced.
  • They were between $100 and $120 EACH

I start researching and notice the the "Pocket Square Industry" was clearly missing panache. Everyone was presenting the 4 P's and the solution came to me. Create our own line of luxury pocket squares in limited quantities using our own artwork and designs.  

First hurdle.... I'm not an artist.  But the reason the 4 P's are common is that in a pocket square, repeating patterns work well. So I approached some unique artists a licensed their art work.  Notice the repeating patterns of our collections.

Second hurdle.... We agreed with the artists to only produce a limited amount of fine pocket squares with their art and then retired the piece.  No mass production here.

Third hurdle... Cost.  We offer our pocket squares at about $75.00 per piece when purchased as a collection.  Substantially less than other pocket squares cost that exhibit the 4 P's.  The entire product is hand-made from start to finish in the Como region of Italy.

We will be introducing scarves for women, minimalist wallets, luxury writing utensils, elegant razors and maybe a line of head wear....(we have a licensing deal in the works *wink*) 

So I ran all this by Finley and he got real excited and wanted in.... And that's how Finley & Company was established in 2016.


We are proud to present the 4 F's

  • Fine Fashion
  • Fine Art
  • Fine Value
  • Fine Finley