Our Story

Have you ever bought a beautiful suit but felt that something was missing?

When you seek out the perfect pocket square, are you completely disappointed by the 4 P's selection: Plain, Plaid, Paisley, or Polk-A-Dot?

Are you tired of the overpriced, mass produced variety of pocket square?

We are. So we’re changing the pocket square game.

At Finley and Company, our mission is to help you show your unique style with the perfect accessory: a handmade Italian pocket square emblazoned with fine artwork.

After purchasing a new Hickey Freeman suit in 2015, Finley and Company Founder Tyler Bargas felt the beautiful suit was lacking. After being shown a variety of disappointing pocket squares by the salesperson, he was inspired to design his own.

As he researched all he could about the industry, he found the solution to the boring, run of the mill pocket square being sold at fine menswear stores. Tyler created a line of luxury pocket squares in limited quantities adorned with artwork and designs.  

We work with amazingly talented artists from around the globe who graciously license their art to us. We’ve paid special attention to finding art with repeating patterns that are pleasing to the eye and evoke excitement.

Each pocket square we sell is a limited edition, entirely handmade in the Como region of Italy. Nothing is mass produced. Everything is a conversation piece.

We also strive to offer high quality pocket squares at a much better cost than you’ll find anywhere else. Our special artist collections give you incredible variety at a good price.

Finley’s excitement at Tyler’s solution to the pocket square industry created the perfect business relationship and Finley & Company was established in 2016.

Say goodbye to Plaids and Paisleys and hello to the 4 F’s: Fine Fashion, Fine Art, Fine Value, Fine Finley.