Meet the Founder

My name is Tyler T. Bargas.  I am from Portland, Oregon and I want to say thanks for checking this out!

I have a sales and marketing background in the foodservice industry.  You can check out that history if you want.  

Ok so as for Finley & Company.  Finley is my beta fish and I am the Company.  

This started out as a hobby.  And now it has turned into a passion and viable business presentation.  The accessories market, for me is a serious and fun project with meaning.  No hoity-toity, drinking tea with your little pinky finger sticking out nonsense...

 and I want our pocket squares make you WANT to wear a suit or a blazer!

I think wearing a pocket square is an excellent way to not only, dress up an outfit, but also make yourself stand out from others. 

So how can you be unique wearing a pocket square that everyone else has a good chance of owning? The irony drove me crazy.  So I came up with a solution to the paradox.  I engaged some unique artists, licensed there awesome creations and simply offer limited editions of unique pocket squares to a world wide audience.  Once the collection is sold out, we will never print them again and we move on to the next collection.

Should you ever meet another person with the same accessory from Finley & Company, buy him a drink, send me a pic of you both and I will do something special for you each. 

Currently, I spend a some of my time in volunteer work and self funded missions.  I enjoy excellent food, fine wine under $10 a bottle, and good friends. Golf is great, but I am not great at golf.  Oh and I love flying my drone.

I am copied on all email correspondence at this site, so please know a real person will be here to serve you.  Oh and please follow me on my personal Twitter Account to have direct access to me wherever I am on the planet.