Pocket Square Collection featuring work of Artist Dena Tollefson

You’ll be wishing that life could imitate art when you lay eyes on the vivid and colorful landscapes depicted by Contemporary America Artist Dena Tollefson.

The newest artist collaboration from Finley and Company features pieces from Tollefson’s collection specially curated for the unique, modern man.

The artist uses a technique called “daubism” with oils and acrylics paints. It creates such a thick texture that Tollefson’s paintings seem to jump off the canvas (or pocket square).

The bright yellows, blues and oranges in her works may even be bolder than what mother nature herself could possibly have intended.

What better way to dress up a dark suit than with the most incredible pops of color imaginable to the naked eye?

Finley and Company specifically selected three unique pieces to depict on our pocket squares. Each one is handmade in Italy and has a regal, luxe feel. 

The 100% silk twill pocket squares, featuring the works of Tollefson, all highlight nature in a manner that is reminiscent of the great artists of the past.

There’s a forest of dancing trees set against a blue sky and the green earth. Another is an homage to impressionist paintings of water lilies. The third boasts an orange sunset on the horizon in a swirl as though plucked from the mind of Vincent Van Gogh.

The variations among the fine art might make choosing only one for your collection a difficult task. That’s why we also offer a boxed set which includes all three works of pocket square fine art.

Tollefson’s body of work spans all forms of nature to include depictions of water lilies, sunflowers, corn, butterflies, animals and the sea and sky. To see more of her work, click here.

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