Pocket Square Collection featuring work of Artist Ilian Rachov

It isn’t often that you could walk into a museum and see what you’re wearing prominently featured on the gallery walls.

But when you’re wearing a pocket square donning fine art by Ilian Rachov you very well might.


From Museums to Catwalks

His works in oil and icons hang in churches and museums in European countries including Italy, Spain, Germany and Bulgaria.

But where you’re even more likely to have seen his fine art is on the runways of London, Paris and Milan.

That’s because he created stunning Baroque patterns for both Versace and Versace Home Collection.

Renaissance Chic

Rachov’s work harkens back to the early modern era when kings and queens would commission talented artists to paint their likenesses.

True to form, Rachov has been commissioned to paint several actresses and dignitaries, including Penelope Cruz.

Luxury Fine Art Fashion

Finley and Company has partnered with Rachov on a series of three luxury fine art pocket squares in a limited edition run.

Each work is unique and masterful and lends itself perfectly as wearable art.

The blues and yellows of his work “Golden Flowers” bring the perfect pops of color on a pocket square for literally any color suit or blazer.

His piece entitled Rome evokes a feeling of mystery and intrigue on a fiery night at the Forum.

The cool grays of the structure set against the bright oranges of the sky are truly mesmerizing when tucked in the pocket of a dark blazer or suit jacket. 

A beautiful ballet dancer on a pebbled beach surrounded by blue sea and soaring mountains, The Ballerina is fine art at its finest.

The golden hue of her scarf, the pinks and grays of the background and the blues of the water make this work such a luxe pocket square.

Rachov’s gorgeous paintings-as-pocket squares can be purchased separately or as a boxed trio (a value-added offering).

Which one speaks to you the most? 

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