Your Pocket Square Style Questions Answered

You’ve seen them on James Bond and Don Draper.

You know that the most stylish guys on Instagram are wearing them and now you’re wondering if you should wear one too.

We’re talking about pocket squares and the short answer is a resounding yes.

Here are the answers to your pocket square-related questions. If you think of any more questions, contact us below and we’ll get right back to you.

Should I wear a pocket square?

See above. Yes, you should. Pocket squares, no matter your chosen outfit, add an element of style, class and excitement. Pocket squares enable you to show your individuality in a sea of dark suits, blazers and sport coats. If you’ve ever thought about adding one to your wardrobe, we suggest starting with something that doesn’t intimidate you. Choose a pocket square with your favorite color or one that compliments your fanciest tie. Finley and Company has even designed a white pocket square that’s actually emblazoned with a stunning work by artist Gary Fenske, if you’re not ready to try color.

Does my pocket square have to match my tie?

Please do NOT match your pocket square and tie. That’s a style no-no. You should, however, make sure your pocket square complements your tie. The colors should be in the same family. For example, avoid a pink tie/red pocket square combination, but a fuchsia and deep purple combo could look really chic. If you don’t trust your own eye, find someone whom you trust to give you honest feedback about your color choices.

Why should I wear one?

Imagine elevating your style in a totally different way, each time you wear the identical suit. That is the beauty of the pocket square. You do not have to keep buying new suits or blazers to change up your look. Pocket squares are a cost-effective way to dress up your outfits on the daily.

What is a pocket square for?

A pocket square is an accessory that’s only for show. Please do not use it as a handkerchief.  Keep it in the breast pocket to highlight your unique style.

Can you wear a pocket square without a tie?

Yes. There will be times when a tie just isn’t necessary or may be too formal, but you want to highlight your individuality with a pop of color. This look, while more casual, is very on trend. 

What can you wear a pocket square with?

You can wear a pocket square in the breast pocket of a blazer, sport coat or suit jacket. You can also give it to a woman in your life and she can use it as a scarf, tying it around her hair, her neck or her purse handle.

What colors should my pocket square have?

While there’s no hard and fast rule, it’s recommended by style gurus that your pocket square contain colors that are in season. Think jewel tones in winter and pastels in summer. But if red is your color, be you and wear it year-round to express your individual style.

When should I not wear a pocket square?

There is no occasion that we know of to which a pocket square would not be of added stylistic value. So when in doubt, wear a pocket square.

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