Craig Tracy

“It is my intent to continue to explore and expand the perceptions and boundaries of this most ancient, alluring, and contemporary art form.”----Craig Tracy

A set of 3 luxury Pocket Squares featuring the beautiful artwork of Craig Tracy. Considered a cornerstone in Bodypaintings progressive movement, today Craig Tracy Bodypaints exclusively as well he owns and operates the very first art gallery in the world dedicated to fine art Bodypainted images. Craig is also an esteemed Judge on  GSN's Skin Wars. Craig has graciously licensed three unique and special pieces to Finley and Company. "Majestic" and "Utopia" from his first collection The Nature Series and "TweeFwog", his second ever painting from the "Animals Series".

Born and Raised in New Orleans La, USA, Craig Tracy has always been an artist. Craig credits New Orleans with its authentic and vibrant culture as a significant factor in what is at the heart of his passion, creativity and bliss.

The art has been transferred to a satin silk and has hand rolled and stitched edges and is 15 inches square. The unique collection features prominent colors from virtually the entire rainbow.
TweeFwog (green and red), Majestic (indigo and violet) and Utopia (blue, yellow, green and grey).

This collection could quite possibly be the only pocket square accessories needed in your wardrobe. Pocket squares are easy to use when repeating patterns are present through out the product.

We laud Craig's vision statement because it mirrors our intent to "expand the perceptions and boundaries" of unique fashion and dedication to detail.

Enjoy, please, this limited edition pocket square collection offered exclusively by Finley & Company.


15 x 15 Inches Square
Hand rolled and stitched edges

Made in Italy