Gary Fenske

 Gary Fenske is the pioneer in luminous art or florescent painting where one piece of art is actually transformed into two pieces when subjected to different lighting.

He has graciously extended an exclusive license to Finley & Company to transform his work into luxurious silk pocket squares.

Gary resides in Portland, Oregon USA and not only has his own gallery, but also is featured in fine art galleries in Japan, Dubai, Las Vegas USA and others. We are pleased and proud to be associated with this celebrated artist who has as his clients some of the most influential people in the world.

Fenske calls Luminism a “Secret World” because so few have been exposed to its beauty. Even so, it has influenced us in wonderful and unexpected ways. He reveals many of the secrets in his new book, ”The Secret World of Invisible Art”.

The first "Night Visions"® gallery dedicated to his luminous art opened in the mid 1990's in Nagoya, Japan. The second followed in Tokyo Ginza district. He was the first American artist to feature work at the Nagoya Shogun Castle and the first artist to place luminous paintings in the estate of His Majesty, The Prince in Saudi Arabia.

His work has graced the walls of the Parliament Building for the Speaker of the House in Victoria, Canada. "Night Visions"® paintings are among the treasured pieces of art collected by President Bill Clinton and the estate of the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson. His luminous murals created a special exhibit for the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. While his work is found throughout the world in many distinguished places, it is the adventures he took and the people he met along the way that are close to his heart.

We are proud to collaborate with such a respected and celebrated artist.  

After all, Finley & Company is "Where Fine Art Intersects With Fine Fashion".