Salmon Sea by Carl Warner
Salmon Sea by Carl Warner


Salmon Sea by Carl Warner

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Look closely.  The entire scene is comprised of edibles.  Staged and photographed in London, Carl captures the warm beaches exactly where you may have pictured yourself standing on your last beach trip. 


Smoked salmon sea, dark soda bread rocks, sugar and pinto beans sand and pebbles, foreground rocks from new potatoes and parsley, pea pod and bean sprout boat and a side of salmon sky.

For a predominantly orange pocket square, you get so much more versatility in your folds to show this off. 


This item is one item in a collection of 3 fine pocket squares.  Please consider purchasing the Carl Warner Collection for the best value.


  • Limited Edition
  • Exclusively Licensed Artwork
  • 15 x 15 Inches (38 cm x 38 cm) Square
  • 100% Silk Twill
  • Hand rolled and stitched edges
  • Made in Italy