Influencer Spotlight: Linus Norrbom

Linus Norrbom is on his way to becoming a menswear icon for his daily #wiwt (what I wore today) posts on Instagram. 

The Stockholm, Sweden native has perfected the chestie and the headless shot with his impeccable fashion choices. 

Finley and Co. spoke to Mr. Norrbom via Instagram to get his take on the pocket square and on menswear trends in general.

Instagram Inspiration

He created his insta account (it's now more than 85,000 followers strong) simply to keep track of his eldest son's social media posts. 

"I had no plans or ambitions with my account. My first post happened to be a poor hotel room selfie of a suit I had just picked up, and then I kept my content along those #WIWT lines." 

That selfie could not have been that poor since his personal style definitely appeals to thousands of people worldwide.

"The follower base has been growing continuously beyond my imagination," he says. "What I appreciate a lot with Instagram is to be able to learn and get inspired by others with the same interest, in this case in menswear and style. If I, in my turn, can inspire others, I’m very happy and grateful."

Signature Style

While he's reluctant to describe his own style, Mr. Norrbom tells us he enjoys casual elegance.

"I enjoy dressing well," he notes. "Not because I must, but because I like it – and for me, not for someone else."

He prefers classic but with a contemporary touch and rarely very formal. "Naturally, I’m respectfully dressing for the occasion. I enjoy playing with colors, patterns and textures," he says.

Pocket Squares Are A Must

Whether the setting is formal or casual, Mr. Norrbom says pocket squares are a great accessory for men to be able to express themselves.

"For years, I have felt naked without a pocket square in my jacket pocket," he confides. "I appreciate the beauty of well made pocket squares, both the handcraft and the aesthetics of the design."

Get all your pocket square questions answered here.

Each Sunday, while some Instagrammers are posting about self-care and Sunday scaries, Mr. Norrbom is continuing his series #pocketsquaresunday. 

While he can't recall the origins of the idea, he believes the hashtag helps show his appreciation of pocket squares.

And it's more than just celebrating their beauty and craftsmanship. "I wanted to provide some more insights and background information on them and/or their makers, and also showing/discussing how they can be combined in an outfit."

His significant personal collection of pocket squares have made the series a hit and he has no plans to stop!

Pocket Square Folds

Every man has his go-to pocket square fold and Mr. Norrbom is no different. 

"My signature choice of pocket square fold is probably a puff fold with edges, if that makes sense," he explains.

"It is a simple fold that is somewhat playful and not too formal, and can also show different design details of the pocket square in point depending on how you execute it (which means it is well suited for artwork pocket squares)."

Fine Art Pocket Squares

Finley and Company's luxury fine art pocket squares are among those featured on @linus.norrbom on Instagram.

Handmade in Italy of 100 percent silk twill, these pocket squares feature the fine art of world renowned artists.

The pocket squares also boast vibrant colors that can be easily matched to any tie you own.

Color Combinations

When asked what his favorite tie and pocket square color combo is, Mr. Norrbom says it’s almost impossible to commit to one.

"My choice of pocket square depends on so much more than just the suit," he notes.

"Tie, shirt, socks and shoes are also elements that affect the pockets square choice when balancing an ensemble. I enjoy experimenting and also challenge myself with not wearing the same pocket square (or suit for that matter) two days in a row."

Trends for 2020

He prefers to steer away from trends, but Mr. Norrbom admits to being slightly influenced by what he sees on Instagram, in magazines and the fashion runways just like anyone else.

"What I hope will continue as a trend," he explains, "is focus on good value, quality and sustainability – from brands as well as consumers."

Find Linus Norrbom on Instagram @linus.norrbom

Find Finley and Company on Instagram @pocketsquareart

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