Influencer Spotlight: Noah Williams

While his profile says he’s a creative who sips scotch, Noah Williams is so much more. He’s an exceptional photographer and an important fixture for menswear style on Instagram (@noahwilliamsstyle). 

Photographer Extraordinaire

Williams's portraits have a knack of featuring more than the subject of the photo. Each picture tells a story.

His wedding photography captures the essence of the happy couple and makes the viewer feel like he’s standing right there.

Meanwhile, his commercial work is every man’s dream. He’s gotten to photograph and video sleek cars, high-end watches, and impeccable menswear. 

His blog features original photography of timepieces and bespoke men’s apparel he’s reviewed. But in a way, the photos truly speak for themselves.

Instagram Influencer

Having amassed a following of more than 113,000 fans on Instagram, Mr. Williams uses his brilliant photography skills for them to enjoy as well. Most of his squares contain flat lays with full ensembles he’s selected and styled.

The occasional photo features the photog himself elegantly dressed in an outfit that – if it hasn’t already – it will most likely grace the grid. And no doubt it’ll be in Mr. Williams’s signature style: “Classic America prep with an Italian twist.”

The inspiration to start his Instagram page was simple. “I thought it would be interesting to start documenting my style as it developed,” he notes. But the objective has changed slightly. “It then became a mission to help guys dress better.”

Pocket Squares Show Up Regularly

Pocket squares are often featured in his gorgeous Insta feed. “I think it’s an extra element that helps differentiate and elevate,” he explains.

But when pressed to name his favorite pocket square fold, Mr. Williams doesn’t ascribe to a formal fold. His go-to? “Quick and messy,” he says. “I like to make it look like curated chaos.”

His appreciation for the pocket square is evident across his Instagram. He enjoys adding them to his ensembles. “I think it’s an extra element that helps differentiate and elevate,” he says. 

Simple and Elegant

When pressed for his favorite suit-pocket-square-combo, Mr. Williams responds without hesitation. “Navy suit and white pocket square with thin navy lining,” he says. “Simple and elegant.”

Mr. Williams is ready for that simple elegance to infiltrate style for menswear across the board. “Can we get back to proper menswear?” he asks. “More tailoring, less streetwear.” 

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